Determining The Right Amount Of Portable Toilets When Organizing A Race

Organizing a race is a big job. There are so many details to work out, but one that many people feel unequipped to decide is how many portable toilets should they rent for their event? Depending on where your race is, there are a lot of decisions to make, so here are some things for you to consider during your planning stage.

Consider the Crowd

One formula many race organizers rely on is to plan one toilet unit for every 50 runners. It is always better to plan on having more than not enough. Race day nerves, too much carb loading the night before, and over hydrating all lead to runners needing toilets more often than you think. If you have a lot of women running, you especially need more toilets because chances are good more than a few of them are menstruating.

Consider Placement

A good rule of thumb is to place a few toilets at every station you have set up. It is very common for a drink station to be set up every few miles to help supply runners with water and sports drinks. Whether you choose to place portable toilets at these locations or rotate between drinks and toilets every few miles, it's a good idea to make sure they are both available along the route at a consistent distance. This helps to limit the amount of time runners wait in line and improve their experience and opinion of your event.

Remember Every Person

Holding a race in the hills or down a canyon is a great idea, but there aren't a lot of facilities around when someone needs a toilet. Every race has volunteers, staff, and spectators. Place plenty of toilets at the start and finish lines, as well as any obvious spots where spectators will stand to cheer on their athlete. If your race is in the mountains, there are obvious places like clearings or parking lots where people will stand. If the race is being held in a more open place, like fields, you can make spots that encourage all the cheerleaders to stand by setting up chairs, sectioning off places with flags, and of course, leaving a lot of portable toilets nearby.

Place Your Order Early

Even though toilets are a basic item, you need to place an order with a portable toilet rental company early enough to secure the number you need. The last thing you want is to get the news that you won't have enough toilets at your event without enough time to call another rental company. Meeting the toilet needs of your crowd is a vital component to pulling off a successful event.

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