The Truth About Additives And Septic Tank Pumping

Taking proper care of your septic tank system begins with you being able to differentiate fact from fiction. There are a number of septic tank care myths that could actually cause significant damage to your system. One of the most common misconceptions is the idea that using an additive in your septic system eliminates your need to have your septic tank pumped. Here's why this information is entirely inaccurate.

What Are Additives?

Each time you flush a toilet in your home or even operate your washing machine, waste products pass through the system and collect inside the septic tank. Over time, leftover waste particles adhere to the sides of the tank and form what is known as sludge. Additives are biological based products, often made from enzymes or bacteria that is designed to naturally break down certain waste compounds into a gas or liquid and prevent the accumulation of sludge around the tank.

Additives Don't Eliminate The Need For Pumping

The reason why additives don't eliminate the need for pumping has to do with the fact that additives are not successful at breaking down all the products that end up in your septic tank. This is especially true when it comes to those waste products that inadvertently get flushed down the toilet.

Seemingly innocent objects like dental floss, tampons and cigarettes are just some of the objects that additives are unable to break down. Even thicker ply toilet paper is often unresponsive to biological additives. Any waste products not broken down by these products will accumulate in your tank in the form of sludge and increase the likelihood of your tank getting clogged.

Tank Pumping

Pumping is designed to remove the sludge buildup that has accumulated around the sides of the tank. In essence, septic tank pumping is a thorough cleaning of your septic tank. Having the tank pumped doesn't just prevent a clog or blockage, but it also helps waste products pass through the tank more efficiently, which in turn makes your system operate more efficiently. Remember, even if you are using additives, make sure you have your tank pumped every three to five years.

The more educated you are on maintaining your septic tank system, the less likely you are to have a major malfunction on your hands. Make sure you research septic tank care and work with a tank technician to keep your tank system operating efficiently.

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