Additional Services That Will Help Maintain Your Home's Septic System

When your home relies on a septic system, you need to maintain it. However, some services are neglected over the years, which could cause issues later on. For this reason, it is important to know more about some additional services you should utilize to keep your system in good condition.

Tank Cleaning

The problem that some homeowners encounter is that they confuse pumping their tank with cleaning it. The issue with this is that pumping the tank only removes the large solid pieces that float towards the top and the liquid from the tank.

Unfortunately, when the tank is pumped, sludge that sticks to the tank and the heavier solids that settle on the bottom are not removed. This means that the tank will fill up faster and it could lead to it over filling, which could cause the tank to burst over time.

To help prevent these problems, you need to have the tank cleaned. However, to avoid a separate service call, you can choose to have it cleaned out when it is time for your routine pumping.

When a septic company cleans the tank, they start by removing the wastewater. Then, the workers scrap the sludge off the sides of the tank. To complete the process, the workers use an industrial vacuum to remove the heavier solids from the bottom of the tank. The idea is to remove any debris that will hinder the performance of the tank.

Disinfect the System

Aside from pumping and cleaning your tank, you should consult your septic company about disinfecting the system. Germs, bacteria and viruses can live inside your pipes and septic tank.

For most residential homes, this only becomes a concern when you have a high water table or your home relies on a well. When the water table is high, the water level is closer to the surface.

You want to make sure that if any water goes from the drainage field and into the surround soil, it will not make you or your family sick. To help reduce any issues, you can have the septic company chlorinate the tank. In most cases, the company can place chlorine solids into the tank, which will help kill the harmful viruses or bacteria that want to live in your tank or drainage field.

It is important to note that you should not handle this type of work on your own. Placing too much chlorine into the tank could cause the pipes to corrode. It is best to work with your septic tank company, like SOS Septic Inc, to ensure that your tank is cleaned and disinfected properly.

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