Why a Concrete Septic Tank Could Be Your Best Option

If you're having a septic system installed for a new home you're building, you'll probably want to go with a concrete tank. Concrete tanks are the most popular option, and in some places, they are the only ones allowed under local codes. Other options are metal and plastic tanks. Here's why concrete is usually the best option.

Concrete Lasts a Long Time 

It's possible for a concrete septic tank to crack or become damaged in some way, but it isn't common. A concrete septic tank should last for many years. It may even outlast the drainfield. This makes it a much better choice over a metal tank. The problem with metal is that it eventually rusts or corrodes. When rust eats away at the metal, the contents of the tank can leak into your yard rather than drain into the field. Not only that, a rusty tank is dangerous, the tank could collapse under the weight of someone standing on it and cause injury or death.

Concrete Is Heavy and Stable

Another good thing about concrete is that it is heavy, so it stays in place. Compare this to the weight of a plastic tank. Plastic tanks are so light that they float when the water table rises, which causes them to shift in position. It's possible for a plastic tank to pop out of the ground during a very heavy rain or flood. Plastic tanks need to be anchored securely to prevent this problem. However, because of the potential for tank movement and soil contamination, plastic tanks are often prohibited in areas where the water table is high or in a flood plain. A concrete septic tank can be placed anywhere since it won't move around.

Concrete Tanks Can Be Built on Site

Another advantage of a concrete septic tank is that it can be built on site. This could be important if your property is in the woods or otherwise difficult to access. A tank that is pre-assembled might need to be delivered with a boom truck, and that might be a problem when there are trees in the way or limited access roads. You can also have a concrete septic tank delivered already made and ready to go in the ground, which is the most convenient option if a big truck can access your property.

A concrete septic tank has advantages over other options, but one of the most important factors is that concrete is the traditional material for septic tanks, and it has a long history of proven safe and effective use. If you're unsure of the best type of tank to buy, talk to a professional like those at Goodman Septic Services for more guidance.

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