3 Tips for Using Water Effectively When You Have a Septic Tank

If you have a septic tank, you are going to be want to be careful with the amount of water that you send to your septic tank all at once. You don't want to send too much water to your septic tank. If you send too much water, you'll cause your septic tank to overflow, which is not a good situation to be in. Here are three tips that will help you use your water more effectively within your home. These tips will require you to make upgrades to your home.

#1 Use High-Efficiency Toilets

One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of water you use is by reducing the amount of water that you flush down your toilet. Think about how many times you flush your toilet per day and how many gallons of water that uses up.

To reduce the amount of water that you use when you flush your toilet, invest in a new high-efficiency toilet. High-efficiency toilets are designed to remove all of your waste from the bowl using a fraction of the water that toilets traditionally used. With a high-efficient toilet you will use less gallons per flush and you will most likely see a reduction in your water use the first bill that you get after installing high-efficiency toilets.

Since it is important to flush after you use the bathroom, and not just let the waste sit there, a high-efficiently toilet allows you to use less water without the guilt.

#2 Upgrade Showerheads

The next thing you can do is upgrade your showerheads. You can easily purchase the high-efficiency shower head at your local home improvement store. With most shower heads, all you need to do is unscrew your current shower head and then screw the new one in place. If your system is more complicated than that, you are going to want to get a plumber to assist you.

A high-efficient shower head will reduce the amount of water that you use when you take a shower without compromising the integrity of your shower. You should still experience a high pressure volume without the use of so much water. It is an easy way to reduce the water that you use without changing your showering routine that much.

#3 Use the Right Load Cycle on Your Washing Machine

Finally, the third way to save water doesn't require any financial investment. Instead, it is all about changing your habits. When you use your washing machine, make sure that you use the right setting for your load. Check our washing machine user's manual and figure out how full the washing machine really needs to be to be set on low, medium or high. Make sure that you put use the right setting; using a higher setting than necessary is an easy way to waste water.

Implementing the three steps above will help you control the amount of water that you send to your septic tank and will help you reduce overall water waste as well. Contact companies like Linn Septic Service for further assistance. 

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