Signs You Need To Replace Your Flush Handle

Your toilet's flush handle is the part of the entire toilet that receives the greatest amount of actual wear and use. As a result, it can begin to function improperly over time, causing other problems within the inner workings of your toilet. In order to determine when it's time to have the toilet handle replaced, you should keep an eye out for a couple of early warning signs.

Loose Handle

Perhaps the most obvious sign that it is time to look into replacing your toilet handle is if the handle itself is fairly loose. If you can jiggle the handle, you should replace it as soon as you can. This is not just an aesthetic concern: a loose handle means that the valve within your toilet tank can be held open, which can cause water to constantly run into the bowl. This can cause flooding or leaks, and at the very least will cause your water bills to increase.

Strange Sounds

If your toilet seems to be making strange sounds for no apparent reason, such as a gurgling or draining sound, your toilet handle may not be closing the valve within the tank properly. This can happen even if the handle itself isn't loose, but if strange sounds occur in conjunction with a loose handle, the handle is absolutely to blame. Again, these sounds represent water constantly running throughout your toilet's tank, which means that your water bills will increase and your toilet is at a much greater risk of leaking water into your bathroom until you have the handle replaced.

Automatic Flushing

While this is a much rarer problem, it is also much more serious. Over time, due to a combination of water exposure and age, the screws holding your toilet handle in place can begin to rust away, causing the handle to shift in position. Sometimes this happens at the same time that the handle becomes loose, but not always. Once the handle settles into a new position, it can cause your toilet to flush seemingly at random, or even constantly. If this is the case, you should contact a plumber immediately to take a look at your toilet and replace the handle, as this represents a huge waste of water, which can greatly increase your utility bills over time. Do not ignore this problem: the long run costs of a toilet that randomly flushes can quickly exceed the actual cost of the repair.

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