Be Kind To Your Waste System: How To Avoid Problems With Your Cesspool

If your home's sewage needs are serviced by a cesspool, summer can be particularly stressful, especially when it comes to entertaining your guests. You want to make sure that your cesspool is functioning properly so you can avoid embarrassing problems. Unfortunately, if you're not familiar with cesspool care, you might end up making some serious mistakes along the way. To help you avoid messy situations involving your cesspool, here are three steps you should follow.

Make Sure Everyone Follows the Flush Rule

When it comes to your cesspool, there are some things that it simply can't process. Unfortunately, if you send those items through to your holding tanks, you could end up with clogs, backups, and failed seepage pits. A good way to protect your cesspool is to follow one simple flush rule. That rule is, other than toilet paper, nothing gets flushed down the toilets unless it's human waste, such as urine, bowel movements, or vomit. This rule will ensure that things like diapers, baby wipes, cigarette butts and cotton swabs are kept out of the toilets.

Don't Turn Your Cesspool Into a Parking Lot

If you're like most people, the area over your cesspool is probably pretty bare. Because it's bare, you may be thinking about using it as a parking area for your house guests, especially those who will be arriving in their motor homes. Unfortunately, if you use the area over your cesspool as a parking area, you could compromise the entire system, which means you could end up with a sewage mess in your yard, and your home. The area may seem like a good place to park your cars and motor homes, but in the long run, you'll do more harm than good.

Make Your Landscaping Cesspool-Friendly

If you have decided to add some landscaping over your cesspool, remember that you'll need to dig it up every few years to empty the tanks. You'll also want to remember that some plants can be downright dangerous for your cesspool. When planning landscaping for the area over your cesspool, be sure to avoid trees and large shrubbery. The roots can creep into the drains and ruin your cesspool. You should also avoid planting anything that you don't want to dig up every few years. A good way to landscape your cesspool is to place pea gravel or natural bark over the area and add a few smaller, decorative plants. The plants will liven up the area, and the gravel or bark will help control drainage in the area.

Contact a cesspool pumping service if you think your cesspool is in need of maintenance.

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