Things To Know When You Are New To Septic

When you have always had a septic system, you will know what to do and what not to do with regards to that system. However, if you have always had homes run on sewer, then you may not know anything about septic if you finally move into a home that's on septic. If the latter is the case, then you probably have many questions about the dos and don'ts of that system. This article is going to be a good source of information for you when you are new to septic living.

You want to be very careful of what goes in the drains

When on septic, not only do you have to worry about things that go down the drain causing clogs, but you also have to worry about things that go down the drain causing issues with the septic system. For example, you obviously don't want to put grease down the drain still, for fear it will cause clogs when the grease hardens along the pipes. However, on septic you also want to watch the cleaners that get flushed down the drains when you clean your sinks, tubs, and toilets. Harsh cleaners will end up in the septic system where there is a bacteria balance keeping things running smoothly. Things like harsh cleaners, medications, and other things that can change the balance in the system need to be avoided. Bleach and ammonia are two examples of cleaners that can throw things off.

Protect the tank in your yard

If you have always been on sewer, then you aren't expected to know that there is an area in your yard you want to protect. Learn where the septic tank is in your yard and take the appropriate measures to be sure it doesn't get cracked or damaged by cars or heavy equipment. You can use a fence, caution tape, posts, or other things to put a visual barrier around the tank so everyone knows to stay away from it with heavy equipment.

Have the system routinely checked

Especially since you are new to being on septic, you are going to want to have the system routinely checked by a septic company such as Sound Septic Pumping and Services, Inc. They will make sure that things are still good with the system, and they can be great at offering you even more information on ways to ensure your system stays healthy and that you don't accidentally do something that can cause issues.

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