A Portable Shower Rental Could Be the Solution When the Showers in Your Building Are Out of Service

If you're having work done on your building, or if you're having plumbing problems that put your showers out of service, then you should look into renting a portable shower trailer. A trailer can be used as long as you need it, and your crew will continue to have access to a shower until the old ones are restored. Here are things to know about portable shower rentals.

Shower Trailers Come in Different Sizes

You can rent a small trailer that has a single shower, or you can rent a much larger trailer that has multiple shower stalls. No matter what size trailer you rent, the showers are private enclosures with curtains or doors. The trailers also come with other basic features such as lighting, hot water, sinks, and mirrors. Some trailers, such as the small ones with individual showers, even have toilets in them, so they are like having an extra bathroom.

Shower Trailers Can Be Self-Contained

When you call to reserve your portable showers, be sure to ask about the connections you need. The trailer requires a source of power for lights and hot water, so you'll need the right electrical hookups in an accessible area. In addition, you may need to supply water with a hose. Some portable showers come with holding tanks so they can be used when there is no water supply available. If electricity is not available, the portable shower rental service may supply generators for power.

Showering Supplies Might Be Included

Find out if the portable showers come equipped with supplies. There may be soap dispensers in each shower stall, but each person may need to supply their shampoo and towels. However, it might be possible to rent towels from the shower service for an additional fee and for the convenience of your crew.

The Water Night Be Metered

Since you may need to move several people through the shower trailer in a short time, you may want to have metered faucets. Metered faucets and showerheads control how long the water flows before they shut off automatically. This keeps people from taking prolonged showers when the water comes from a holding tank and can't be wasted.

A portable shower trailer can be just as convenient as a regular shower since the trailers have lights and heat when needed. While they may not be as luxurious as an indoor shower, a trailer serves an important purpose when the indoor showers are out of service. Your crew can clean up in privacy and have everything they need provided in a trailer that can be pulled away when you no longer require it.

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