More Than Pumping: The Real Guide To Septic System Maintenance To Prevent Problems

If you just have your septic tank pumped every few years, this maintenance may not be enough to deal with potential problems. There is more to maintaining your septic system and preventing problems with plumbing. The real septic system maintenance that should be done to prevent problems with pipes is:

  • Pumping the tank when it needs it—The tank of your septic system needs to be pumped regularly to prevent problems. Sometimes, this is part of maintenance that needs to be done more frequently. You want to have the tank pumped when it is full, which can happen when debris gets in the system, if the tank is too small or when there is excessive use of the plumbing in your home.
  • Inspecting older tanks for wear and damage—The septic tank could also be older and cause problems when there is damage. These problems can start with issues like the interior of the tank degrading and baffles that are damaged. It can also be due to problems with cracks and leaks that cause contamination, as well as affect the septic system. Therefore, the tank should be inspected when doing septic system maintenance. If there is damage, talk to the septic maintenance service about options for repairs and improvements to help prevent future damage.
  • Checking your distribution system for problems—The distribution of effluent from the septic tank is important. Many septic tanks have distribution boxes or pump tanks installed to improve the distribution of the liquids to the drain field. When you are having septic system maintenance done, these systems should also be checked to make sure there are not any blockages or other problems that can affect the distribution of effluent to the drain field.
  • Maintaining your drain field system for effective percolation—The drain field is where the liquids from your tank percolate through the soil. This is the filtering process for waste, and the drain lines of the system can become clogged with solids or have other problems that affect the septic tank. Therefore, part of the septic system maintenance that needs to be done is checking the drain field and its lines to make sure the effluent is filtering through the soils as it should.

The right septic system maintenance will help prevent problems with your plumbing and costly septic repairs. If you are ready to have your tank pumped, contact a septic tank maintenance service to have the tank pumped, inspected, and ensure all the maintenance is done.

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