Protocol That Can Help With Portable Bathroom Service Truck Operation

Portable restroom service trucks are the machines that remove waste from portable bathrooms. They're pretty technical and include a lot of important systems, but you'll improve your ability to operate these trucks like a pro if you do some things in particular. 

Review Proper Waste Removal Techniques

The bulk of what you'll be doing with a portable restroom service truck is removing waste from portable toilets. This may seem pretty straightforward, but you still want to understand which waste removal techniques to observe so that you don't damage the suction equipment or create a messy work site that you have to deal with later.

Some of the more important techniques include checking the toilets for potential damage, managing the heavy-duty pump, knowing how long to suck up waste, and then performing a post-pump inspection to verify effective pumping. Even these basic techniques can get you far with this specialized truck.

Practice Navigating Around Busy Work Sites

You're not always going to have a lot of room to get this portable bathroom service truck in position next to a portable toilet. If you practice for these situations ahead of time, they don't have to be that stressful to deal with. You'll have protocol down and then safely get this truck into the correct position for optimal waste pumping.

You just want to find a work site that you can practice on, ideally around a lot of other structures. Then you'll get familiar with blind spots, certain angles you need to hit, and optimal speeds. This practice will pay off tremendously when you approach a challenging environment.

Opt for a Cab That Allows for User-Friendly Exits and Re-Entries 

Some portable toilet pump jobs last most of the day. You'll thus be spending a lot of time getting in and out of your cab, whether it's to adjust the position of your truck or to turn on the pump. You want a cab that's easy to get in and out of so that you don't have to struggle that much.

Assessing this attribute in person can leave no doubt about what cab is appropriate for your height and seating preferences. A smooth re-entry and exit can make a huge difference in using a portable bathroom service truck throughout the week.

Using a portable bathroom service truck each day won't give you too many problems if you are particular about certain features and get familiar with its operation before using it in real time. 

For more information, contact a portable bathroom service truck provider.

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